In-House Dental Lab

Teeth Made On Site

We have a Dental Laboratory on the premises. Our products and services are not comercial, but of the highest standard the dental industry can offer. In our onsite laboratory we can provide implant and denture services in the same day. We welcome the most difficult and urgent cases. All our lab work is done under the direct supervision of Dr. Kasem. Our quality is unparalleled in the industry. If you have dentures that are loose, painful, feel uncomfortable or require you to use denture adhesive, Dr. Kasem can offer a solution in most cases in the same day. Our office and dental lab uses only the highest quality of dental materials. Our technicians are highly, highly trained. We take pride in our ability to produce a high quality, yet cost effective solution for whatever your dental needs may be.

Advantages of a Dental Lab on premises

In our Dental Center we have our own Dental Lab on the premises. This means we can complete your treatment without having to wait for your case to be shipped to another location, wait for them to complete the fabrication of your prosthetics and then ship it back to us. Having an onsite Dental Laboratory makes our Dental Implant Center cost and time effective. Dental Implants placement and all laboratory work is done in our office under the direct supervision and quality control of Dr. Kasem. We are not a dental clinic. We do not do “assembly line” type procedures without careful consideration of each individual’s unique needs.

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Dr. Kasem has many affiliations with organizations like: The International Congress of Oral Implantology, American Dental Association and The Academy of General Dentistry.