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Dentures & Dental Implants by Dr. Kasem


Jolene S.
Been a patient of Dr. Kasem for 30 years. Always available. Amazing staff and office. Highly recommend.

Shawkat K.
I am from Canada. My dentist in Canada broke my bone when removing my teeth and I could not place implants. Dr. Kasem reconstructed my jaw and placed implants. Dr. Kasem is very thorough and highly experienced. You will not regret selecting Dr. Kasem as your dentist. I highly recommend him.

Michael G.
I used to live in Florida for a long time and was referred to Dr Kasem by friends-15 years ago and now living in Virginia I made the trip south just for Dentistry work. Sometimes and Dr Kasem is that you find a true professional to which you know that service and the staff meet a higher standard

Dennis J.
I first came to Dr. Kasem 10 years ago and had dentures made and to this day they still fit perfect. Never had to use glue to hold them in. His price is fair and he cares about his patients. My wife is now a patient and is very happy with him. I highly recommend him.

Janice K.
Dr. Kasem made my dentures and implants, which gave me back my smile and my ability to eat 'real' food again. He did a great job. I 'm so happy to be able to eat whatever I choose, with no problem at all. I highly recommend Dr. Kasem for all your dental needs! Thank you Dr. Kasem, Mert Scheer

Barbara A.

Howard M.
Hands down the best dentist I've ever been to. Staff is amazing very friendly knowledgeable and helpful (Hygienist just amazing) Dr. Kasem is very down-to-earth and knowledgeable highly recommend him.

Shanti O.
I got my denture from Dr Kasem and it fit perfect within a minute! I highly recommend him.

Lynne G.
I heard about Dr. Kasem on tv, came in and he made my denture in 2 days. They fit perfect! I would highly recommend him.

Deby I.
(Original) Gracias Dr.Kasem por su profesionalismo y por darme la seguridad que tanto busque para poder resolver mi problema, estoy super agradecida con usted por devolverme mi sonrisa y a todo su Staff member mil gracias. Lo recomiendo al 100% muy profesionales
(Translated by Google)Thank you Dr. Kasem for professionalism and for giving me the security that you are looking for in order to solve my problem, I am very grateful to you for returning my smile and to all your staff members, Thank you very much. I recommend it 100% very professional.

Suzanne D.
When I was in extensive pain Dr Kasem was able to see me. I needed a lot of dental work but he didn’t try to sell or pressure me to do all the dental work at one time. I’m 83 years old and I live on a fixed income. All the options were discussed in detail with me. Dr Kasem told me « You choose an option that will work for you and that you can pay for. ». I read all the reviews before choosing him. I trust Dr Kasem. He is very honest.

Claudine l.
On my upper jaw Dr. Kasem placed gumless fixed bridge just a month ago. He gave me six implants instead of four implants for the same price. He told me since I'm 48 years old I need this fixed bridge to last for 50 years. I need additional support all the way in the back of the bridge so it doesn't tilt or have a fulcrum effect on the front of my bridge. The bridge is very lightweight and doesn't feel bulky in my mouth since it has no gum built onto it. When I smile you can only see my teeth. I do not show different color gum over my own gum. My father, mother and my husband are all Dr. Kasem's patients. They referred me to Dr. Kasem. Word of mouth is the best referral. I am a nurse. I work with patients all day long. I guarantee you will be in the good hands of Dr. Kasem. Dr. Kasem is highly experienced and an artist!

Justin B.
My grandfather was doctor Kasems first implant patient in 1989. I am a third generation patient and refuse to go to any other dentist. I've always had an excellent experience and outstanding service.

Lisa G.
Dr. Kasem and his staff were wonderful. I have no regrets and feel lucky to have found him. During my consultation, it was determined that I needed to have some extractions and a upper denture. On the day of my procedure, I was very scared and having anxiety. Dr. Kasem and his staff were understanding, eased my fears, and made me feel comfortable. Great "chairside manner". The doctor explained each step to me as he was working. After each tooth extraction, he did a procedure called Bone Grafting. He drew blood from my arm so he could use my own DNA for this procedure. He explained that it would promote faster healing and the surface would be smooth versus bumpy; therefore the denture would fit better.
My family and friends could not believe how real my denture looked, looks like my own teeth. Dr. Kasem takes pride in his work and makes sure that you are happy with your denture. He does not try to "hurry you" so he can get to his next appointment. He is a "rare breed" these days, and believes in customer service. I will return to him when it is time for my lower denture. I now have my self esteem back and walk around smiling.

Michael K.

Gail W.
I feel very blessed I found the Dr. I researched for a long time. I attended one of his seminar. He answered all my questions and I had a few. When I decided to go check it out he gave me choices. I never felt pressured to do anything I didn't feel comfortable with. He always explained what he was going to do before he did it. I was always we'll informed an he made it affordable without stressing me out. Girls were great. They always explain what to expect.from day one. Pleasant experience. I'd highly recommend him.

Karen M.
Great Folks.

David I.

Beverly C.
The best experience I have ever had with a dentist! He gave me back my smile I had when I was much younger. We sat with Dr Kasem and watched him make my denture in the lab. All this was done in 1 day! I am so amazed at his artistry and patience. I would recommend him to everyone.

Tom C.
Dr. Kasem and his staff have been a real blessing in my life, Since being referred to them Ive had two procedures done and I couldnt be happier with experience, value and quality of work. Most recently I had a tricky decayed wisdom tooth removed. The experience was basically painless and performed unexpectedly fast! Not to mention at a much better price than I was anticipating. These people really know their stuff. Im happy to have a reliable dentist to count on for all my future work.

Mark M.
I went to Dr. Kasem and had some dentures made. He did a great job. It gave me more confidence and I 'm so happy. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Kasem for all your dental needs!

Pat L.
This review is for Dr. Kasem.
Affordable dentures in Ocoee extracted all my upper tetth and made me a full upper denture and a lower partial denture in 2017. I'm a retired 72 year old and very sick i cannot even drive. I could not use those dentures and they charged me over $3600. I can not believe how they took advantage of a senior citizen who lives on a fixed income. I had to borrow money to get more dentures from Dr. Kasem in Clermont. If the dentist in affordable dentures didn't know how to make dentures they should not have done it. Dr. Kasem made me a set of dentures that look beautiful and also tight and comfortable. Dr. Kasem's procedures where completely different than those rip off dentist in affordable dentures. Now I am able to eat comfortably and he also gave me back my smile. Thank you Dr. Kasem, I highly recommend you.

Phoenix H.
3rd generation patient, and a very happy one! Wisdom tooth removal was painless and fast. Thank you guys so much!

Angelo F.
I have known Dr Kasem for over 30 years. Many of my family and friends have been his patients because I referred them to go see him. Every single person is very pleased with the outcome of their dental treatment. Dr Kasem did my extractions and extensive bone reconstruction in one visit and I had no pain. My results are excellent. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly skilled professional who puts his patients first. His staff is also excellent -very highly trained and friendly. For first class service please call Dr Kasems office and make an appointment. You will be very glad you did.

Pedro M.
I had all of my teeth removed and had a beautiful set of dentures made by Dr Kasem. He did my surgery and made the dentures all in the same day . He made my dentures in his lab with his own hands . I felt no pain . My boss found Dr Kasem in the internet and after reading his reviews and doing an extensive research he brought me to Dr Kasem. You are in good hands with Dr Kasem and I guarantee you will be happy .

Irene D.
Today I was treated by my long time Dentist of more than 15 years, Dr Mohammad Kasem first at his Ocoee office on Taylor street and now in the Clermont office as well, and I can tell you this good man, this amazingly clever with all of his knowledge and experience Dentist of mine really stepped up to the plate when I called his secretary Delores and she very kindly as always, felt my anxiety right away when I told her of my seemingly impossible and difficult dental problem I had, & she said that Dr Kasem wanted me to come in right away so he could assess and fix my problem, which I did, and to my delight this Blessed Dentist went out of his way to make sure I felt no pain while he worked his excellent care in treating me. He wouldn’t give up and kept on trying different ways to fix the problem and he and I were both delighted when he fixed what was so badly wrong His Assistants Mariana and Raechel are both the same in their caring attitudes too which as you might know always reflect the attitude of the man in charge Dr Mohammad Kasem of course, and they really made me feel protected and cared for which made this 91 year old in June female patient very at ease, also Dr Mohammad Kasem is such a perfectionist that he will keep on fixing what he knows is not to his satisfaction even in you think it’s ok, as he is a perfectionist in all he does to satisfy his patients which is his God given gift

Stephen H.
Three years ago I went to aspen dental. They extracted my teeth, removed an excess amount of bone and made a set of dentures that always hurt my mouth and never fit. Later I found out that it is a company owned business. When I went in for an adjustment they wanted to charge me $85. I paid them $3,800 and I could not wear the dentures from day one. My friend recommended me to Dr.Kasem. I waited three years to save my money and then Dr.Kasem made a set of dentures that I could wear from the first day. If you need dentures or implants go see Dr.Kasem. Take my word – you will not lose any money. I highly recommend Dr. Kasem. If I need implants in the future, I will go to Dr.Kasem.

Ellen Clancy W.
I want to start off saying that Dr. Kasem is Wonderful! I had an emergency when my 48 year old front tooth crown fell off. Having known Dr. Kasem for 35 years, I called him. Since I was scheduled to work an event over the weekend I needed a tooth pronto. He took me right away. He prepared a cosmetic fix so I could work and then on Monday, he had the post and temporary crown ready. I will go back in two weeks for the permanent tooth. I highly recommend Dr. Kasem.

Alane K.
Another visit with a fabulous staff and Dr. Kasem!

Bud G.
Excellent dentist. I recommend him to anybody and everybody. Also excellent office, staff.

Linett H.
He is an excellent dentist. And he works with his patients! Highly recommended.

Dr. Kasem is an artist!!!

Rob S.
We are from Vienna, spending several winter months in Florida the last years. Eight years ago I got a denture from Dr. Kasem which still looks like new. Dr. Kasem's dentures have excellent quality and perfect fit. The dentures feel like your one. No glue necessary. this year I got a second one and the first refurbished for spare. Dr Kasem and his Team are very nice, you feel comfortable there' Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Dr Kasem carries out his work with great experience and pleasure. We sincerely recommend Dr Kasem, hi and his Team stands for exceptional high-quality dentures.

Mary M.
I had some extractions done by a corporate dental office. They left roots in my jaw. They removed bone from my jaw unnecessarily. They ruined my mouth big time! They made my dentures. I could never wear them. Finally, Dr. Kasem removed those roots and constructed my jaw by doing bone graft, placing implants and corrected the huge problem they created. Going to that corporate dental office cost me a year of my life and many thousands of dollars. Dr. Kasem did everything in his office and even did the lab work himself. Excellent dentist, excellent staff, excellent workmanship! I highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Kasem for any problem they might have.

Catherine H.
I come from Groveland to Dr. Kasem's office. His office is the closest office to my home. I received undivided attention every time I was in his office. I was the only patient in his office during my visits. My situation was very complicated, but the final result is excellent! I recommend him to everyone.

Lionhart N.
Professional and i got financed here i have no insurance and doctor was more concerned about my teeth than money. He does everything from cleanings to surgeries

Isabel T.
I had an emergency and call Doctor Kasen, he work my emergency and also did a very nice job. thanks Dr. Kasen

Tracy J.
Over all excellent! Dr. Kasem fixed my teeth 10 years ago in his Ocoee office. Now Dr. Kasem did extractions, bonegraft and denture for my husband. He has a lab in his office and that helped a lot. Dr. Kasem is not a salesman. He is very honest and caring and I highly recommend him.

Madeline B.
Dr Kasem spent 5 months to complete my new dentures. He did an awesome job. I have received many compliments from friends and family how nice my teeth look. They're natural looking. I recommend Dr. Kasem very highly to anyone who needs dentures or implants.

Anthony D.
I found Dr. Kasem by checking his website and reading his google reviews. Dr. Kasem did my implant. I went to my regular dentist and he was impressed with his workmanship. I found him to be congenial and conversant of all aspects of the implant. He is a perfectionist!

Dolores A.

John P.
I am 85 years old veteran. I went to Aspen and they made an upper and lower denture for me. None of those fitted. One day I walked to Dr. Kasem's office and got an immediate appointment. He made dentures for me that works fine. Being a retired man I lost my money in Aspen. He is a very honest dentist. I highly recommend him!

Paul U.
Dr. Kasem has provided me with the best dental experience I have ever had, which is saying a lot since I am 65 years old. The combination of full lower teeth extractions and implants was virtually painless and work better than the originals. My upper dentures also are a work of art. He is highly recommended to all of your dental needs.

Paul H.
I travel more than 100 miles to see Dr. Kasem from St. Pete Fl. There are thousands of dentists I cross on my way but I see him because he is an artist! I am a MD, I strongly and highly recommend Dr. Kasem. He is the best dentist that has ever worked with me so I cannot give him any higher praise.

Thomas B.
"Who are you?" my mother said before realizing it was me. "Why it is my handsome son." This was just one of many compliments after my new smile was created by Dr. Mohammad Kasem. It took just three months to complete seven crowns and three Implants including sinus surgery. I can't express how happy I am after getting my new smile. Dr. Kasem is a perfectionist and he certainly perfected my new smile.

Bo F.
I was very fortunate to have been awake in the wee hours of the morning when I saw an ad about Dr. Kasem & his staff. I have struggled the past 4 years with other dentists, the result being one bridge falling out and the other damaged, cracked & decaying. I tried to go back to that particular dentist and they wouldn't help me in any way. Before seeing Dr. Kasem's ad I had spent almost $1,000 to different dentist, each of them telling me there was nothing they could do for me unless I had the kind of money lottery winner might have.
I called Dr. Kasem, got an immediate appointment and before any ex-rays or even an extensive exam, he told me he could fix my problems and I would have a beautiful smile again. He is a man who sincerely cares for each and every patient that comes into his office, he is extremely knowledgeable, very caring and more gentle than any other dentist I've ever seen. His staff is just as caring and gentle as he is.
Anyone out there looking for the very best dentist they could have should call Dr. Kasem's office and see him FIRST..............they will not regret it

Bo F. UPDATED REVIEW 01-17-2019

Mary C.
I trust Dr Kasem. He gave me the options and associated with my treatment. He looks at my problems with his mind and heart and for that I am thankful. I visited another office before and they treated me like a customer but Dr Kasem treated me like a patient. I highly recommend him.

Marilyn F.
From my first visit to Dr. kasem’s office I found his staff to be very friendly, caring and informative. Upon meeting Dr. Kasem, I found a dentist who genuinely cares about his patients and who takes an interest to learn a little about them. He took the time to review with me every step involved in getting my dentures and implants, so I knew exactly what to expect. Dr. kasem is friendly, caring and has a very calming effect that made me feel comfortable. During my treatment appointments he spent 100% of his time with me as if I was his only patient. As for my dentures, they are top quality and beautiful with natural looking teeth fitted specifically to my mouth. They are actually a reproduction of my own teeth. Dr. kasem creates his dentures by hand in his own lab, spending many hours to produce a top quality denture - like a piece of artwork. Perfection is all he will accept. My new dentures have changed the quality of my life, giving me more confidence and enjoyment. I highly recommend Dr. kasem who is a master in this field of dentistry.

Karen T.
I have been Dr. Kasem's patient for 25 years. He is my savior every time I have an emergency. He gets me in to the office as priority and has never failed to give me excellent treatment every time. His kindness is only surpassed by his knowledge and wisdom. I'm always treated with respect and friendliness. He is an angel. I give him a 5 star rating.

Wasi A.
Excellent dental work. I had 3 sets of dentures and none of those fit. They looked fake as well. Dr Kasem made my dentures in the same day.
If you need natural looking teeth and a good fit, see Dr Kasem. You won't regret it!

Rifah T I.
This is the best call I’ve ever made.

Ida V.
I waited too long before fixing my teeth. My bite has shifted from left to the right side and collapsed. I went to a dentist in Orlando but he could not do anything for me. I found Dr. Kasem on the internet. I read his reviews and found that the is the only dentist who posted his credentials on his web site. I selected him as my dentist. I drive from Longwood to his office in Clermont. After extensive dental work he was able to make me a set of dentures that look like my own teeth and fit perfect. In the future I will have him do my implants. I know now that I am in good hands. He is the best. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of dental work.

Diane K.>
I was the proud owner of 7 dental implants, so I thought till I decided to visit the office of Dr. Kasem. The experience was no comparison to that of my past. Not only does he have an outstanding team, but his kind and gentle matter, and concern, will put you in complete confidence of his care. On the final visit when the crown is finally put in place, past dentist, would cement the crown in place, not Dr,. Kasem, he will make sure the fit is perfect before it is permanently yours, he insists on perfection and a very satisfied patient. Thank you Dr. Kasem and staff.

Obie S.>
I have been a patient of DR Kasem for 30 years and he is an excellent dentist. My father has also been his patient for 30 years! Never had a single complaint in all that time. Would absolutely rate him 5 thumbs up! thanks again dr kasem

Michele G.
My son went to Dr. Kasem after years of neglect of his teeth. Dr. Kasem and his whole staff was very supportive and caring.He now has his smile back and a lot more self confidence! Thank you for making this possible, Dr. Kasem and staff.

Roland M.
I came to Dr.Kasem for dental work. We drove far from out of town for his expertise. He is very skilled and is very concerned with doing the job well. He strives for excellence. The staff was very friendly and displayed excellent bedside manner. The doctor himself was very cordial with us as well. Thank you again

Michele G.
I just want to say that I drove from Sebring to Clermont for Dr Kasem and his staff. They were all so warm and caring. He did all the work himself and he did an outstanding job, I get so many complements for the wonderful job he did on my teeth. I would absolutely choose him should anyone need any dental treatment I highly recommend Dr.Kasem!

Ken UH F.
Wow! Dr. Kasem and his staff are the Best professional dental team that I have ever met in my life. The dental clinic at Clermont Florida is impressive, clean, state of the art equipment, on site lab for all dental procedures. Whenever I came into the dental office there were people there who greeted me with a smile. Everybody on staff cared about my dental needs and each other. Dr. Kasem has a impressive dental education background and years of dental experience. The whole staff works closely assisting Dr Kasem in every dental procedure. The staff is well trained, courteous , clean, professional, well educated and caring individuals. I felt confident in all the dental procedures I received. This was the first time in my life that I was not afraid to go to the dentist. Dr Kasem and his dental staff are the BEST! My dental health was very poor. I needed a great deal of dental work. I received the best dental care and it was affordable. I have a new smile, can eat apples, steak and corn on the cob. It's like I have my life back. The ladies at the Loft in Altamonte Springs love my smile. I feel more confident in everything I do. I'm very grateful that I put a priority on my dental health. Dr Kasem was referred to me by a trusted friend. I'm thankful that I followed through with making that first appointment to see Dr Kasem!
Gratefully yours, Kenneth R Frost, USAF Retired

Michelle J.
Dr. Kasem and his staff took wonderful care of my mother, Donna. She needed what we thought would just be lower implants with matching denture. What we came to learn was that her current dentures were very poor quality (we knew this was true as they never fit right) and that she would need a full set with implants for the lowers. Dr. K made my mother feel at ease and took amazing care of her. She needed to wait 5 months for implants to take hold due to soft bone tissue. She now has amazingly beautiful teeth that fit perfectly and she can chew and eat normally again. After 4 years of having no bottom teeth, she is sooooo happy!
I can't say enough about Dr. K and his staff. They were all so helpful, kind and friendly. The cost for everything was extraordinarily reasonable - believe me we'd been to many places and WOW - how expensive can this possibly get. Dr. K is amazing!!!! Highly highly recommend.

Tamara B.
Dr. Kasem is amazing, not only a highly skilled medical professional, but also a top-notch compassionate human being.
I ended up under his care through a recommendation from a friend after I told my friend about my nightmare experience at Aspen Dental where they were more concerned about signing me up for high-interest payments for a long term treatment program of overpriced services (the equivalent of buying a new car), rather than providing me with the emergency dental care I needed for an abcessed tooth.
Dr. Kasem was no-nonsense in implementing a treatment plan for the emergency care I needed and made more conscientious and affordable recommendations, and provided twice the care for half the price of Aspen Dental. The "free" exam and x-rays at Aspen make you think they actually care about you, but I'd rather have quality affordable dental care in a clean compassionate facility than overpriced impersonal service in an office that's more concerned with ripping me off.

R L.
I called Dr. Kasem's office and was given a quick appointment. I had been to three dentists recommending me to fix my crown with an implant. One of them Aspen dental which was a horrible experience. Dr. Kasem was so kind and confident with his exam and recommendations that I am now smiling with a fix permanent crown that three other consultations couldn't do. I first went to my primary dentist, next to a highly recommended dentist in Saint Louis, and then Aspem dental in an emergency. Finally God graced me with Dr. Kasem. Not only did I saved alot of pain and aggravation, but also alot of money. An added bonus was his amazing staff. They all work together as a team so well. Being in the medical field myself, it was great to see. I have recommended Dr. Kasem to all my family and friends.

Donald J.
Dr. Kasem has empowered me to improve my quality of life in several different way's. My full mouth porcelain zirconia prosthesis benefits to date include, but are not limited to the following.
1. Heightened self confidence.
2. Improved outlook on life, more positive.
3. Better quality sleep, decreased inability to fall asleep.
4. Extended ability to focus for longer periods.
5. Elevated libido (and that is a big one, no pun intended).
6. Un-hindered ability to eat whatever I want, including my favorite food, steak.
And these are just advantages that I have realized in the short term. I suspect there are more to come in the future. I will also go on record as saying that my case should be documented in a scholastic journal because it has to be some of this man's best work. And while my road to success was long and at times difficult, I just thank my lucky stars I was able to put myself in the hands of a real master. He is in my opinion, one of the best of the best.
So now I send out a warm heartfelt thank you to the good Doctor and his staff for all that they have done for me. You can not even begin to put a price on the satisfaction they have afforded me.
I very much recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Donald J - RN, BSN

Barbara H.
Can't say enough, Dr kesem saved us thousands of dollars by redoing my husband's old dentures making them like new. We would highly recommend Dr kesem and his staff for all your dental needs.

Dawn W.
Success at Last!
My husband's ordeal started in PA April 2016. Dr. Waltz pulled some of his upper teeth and put in implants. My husband has multiple health issues. The doctor told him it would be several months, and he would see him when he returned from Florida. Which he did and after the surgery he said, "Your one implant is infected and it needed to come out." So, 3 months later they put in another implant and he now has 5 implants and over $15,000.00 invested in his mouth and still no teeth. He got a temporary denture in PA for $595.00. 3 weeks later they had to be relined. We went three times for relining in 2 months. They checked him out in October and said you are ok to go to Florida.
We were in Florida for about 3 weeks and he came out of the bathroom and said, "My healing cap came off!!!!" I said, "O.K. We will find an oral surgeon tomorrow." I was looking though the community paper and seen Dr. Kasem's advertisement. We called him the next morning and they took us right away. We had the healing cap so all he had to do was put it back on. RIGHT!! The cap had come out slowly and the tissue had grown over it. So, he called in a prescription, we picked it up and he took the pills. An hour later they were putting the cap back on. Dr. Kasem insisted on taking an x-ray. Two of the implants are up in his sinus cavity and all are at different angles. None are straight.
After considerable discussion, he lined the old denture. We went back a week later and started the procedure to get the abutment for the implants from the PA dentist. He gave Dr. Kasem the brand and serial number or so he said. The PA dentist would not ship th eons we had already paid for and the information he gave Dr. Kasem's office was wrong. Dr. Kasem had to perform surgery to get the manufacturer and serial numbers in order to get the parts needed. We also found out there were three different brands. Uh, Why?!? No one will ever know. We finally got everything resolved. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Dr. Kasem. After almost 2 years and more pain and agony than any of us could possibly imagine my husband has teeth! You can understand him when he talks, and he looks 10 years younger. He can eat whatever he wants again. We can't ever THANK YOU enough!!!!

Tom B.
I have been a patient of Dr. Kasem for a few years now. When I first came in I had dentures from the military that really did not fit well. Since then I got dentures that fit, are comfortable and look good. Then he did bone grafts and implants. I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Kasem and his staff were always friendly and professional. His quotes were reasonable and the workmanship was excellent. I will not go anywhere else and I highly recommend Dr. Kasem.

Murrel C.
Went to Dr. Kasem's seminar and was very impressed with his honest approach and professional attitude. I then became his patient I had all my remaining teeth pulled and had my Jaw reconstruction (bone grafting) done Dr. Kasem told me that with this procedure I won't need to have implants to hold dentures in, this procedure has saved me many thousands of dollars. I have now had my new dentures Both top and bottom) for two weeks. I am so happy with them, they look very natural and fit well. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasem for any dental needs you may have. His office is clean and well maintained and his staff are remarkable. I can't thank them all enough for my new smile and new outlook on life.

Ada B.
Valio la pena venir desde Davenport a Clermont a la oficina de Dr. Kasem. Realmente ha hecho un muy buen y exelente trabajo, ya que no tuve que asistir a ningun otro especialista todo el trabajo lo hico Dr. Kasem. Es el lugar perfecto para todo tipo de trabajo dental, y el costo fue muy econimico. Lo recomiendo 100% a todos aquellos en busca de un dentista con alta calidad y experiencia.
It was worth coming from Davenport to Clermont to Dr. Kasem's office. He has really done a very good and excellent job, since I did not have to attend any other specialist. All the work was done by Dr. Kasem. It is the perfect place for all kinds of dental work, and the cost was very economical. I recommend 100% to all those in search of a dentist with high quality and experience.

Felton W.
Dr Kasem has been my dentist for about 2 years, he has restored my mouth with implants. While the process took some time it was well worth it. He did multiple bone grafts for me so that i could become a candidate for the implants to lock my teeth in. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and attentive. Appointments were always on time. The doctor also came into his office for me on Saturdays and Sundays. He was genuinely concerned about my well being. The price for my treatment was what he quoted me on my initial visit, i felt the pricing was reasonable and the doctor has a good understanding for older people on fixed incomes. Deloris, the receptionist was great at contacting me with appointment reminders and following up with important information.
Thank you Dr. Kasem

Amy G.
Dr. Kasem is an extraordinarily gifted and dedicated dentist/oral surgeon/brilliant doctor who truly cares about his patients and the quality of the work he performs. He loves what he does and it shows in every aspect of his work. He spends whatever time is necessary to make his patients feel cared for and is very straight forward about prognosis, options and cost and does his level best to provide the absolute best care for the most reasonable price - because he cares. I went through a very long process of bone grafts to receive implants, and came to know him and his staff very well. I travelled from Atlanta and Las Vegas throughout the process without hesitation. Dr. Kasem is not only an extraordinary doctor but has become my friend. His staff is amazing, skilled and caring and I thank God each day for bringing me to this amazing doctor. I love them all very much and am honored to write this review on their behalf.

J S.
Strongly recommend .. I just saw Dr. Kasem and I’ve seen him a few times over past couple years, usually when my travel sched requires quick action for the right healthy smile gear! I’ve got a tooth/bone loss situation and his great service and reasonable pricing is worth the hour drive I make to see him. Dr. Kasem’s a seasoned professional, his staff is courteous and attentive to confirming appointments etc., and they follow up as promised

Sharon H.
I'd like to take a moment and give some well deserved recognition to Dr. Kasem for an outstanding job, I recently had some dental procedures done and it was done properly and very professionally but that's not an unusual experience this is what I receive each and everytime I visit his office, Dr. Kasem and staff are very kind, patient and professional they always make me feel like a valued patient, I have been a patient of Dr. Kazem for 27 years, I would not recommend any other doctor or staff, yes I have visited other doctors and dental offices in the past the experiences we're not good at all I literally got up and walked out of two of them when I saw some of their procedures they had performed & the customer service (very poor) I highly recommend anyone that should need any dental procedures performed to visit Dr. Kazem, Thank you Dr. Kasem & staff Sharon White.

John O.
My wife's front tooth chipped on Friday evening 12/29/17. I called every dentist in Clermont on Saturday morning. Left a voicemail with Dr. Kasem. His secretary called back first and then Dr. Kasem called. He told me to have her in first thing Tuesday morning because of 1/1/18 being on Monday. We were there at 8 a.m. on Tuesday and Dr. Kasem walked her right in. She was his first patient of the day and he had her tooth looking perfect again in 30 minutes. Thanks Dr. Kasem and team!

Go S.

Omi R.
I m so happy and fully impressed because Dr Kasem did a excellent denture for me . I can eat and fill comfortable. He is over confident for his dental work, more than 35 years experience dentist Dr Kasem I m highly recommended any one can stop by and got free consultation. His office well kept and staff are friendly.

Dr kasem did my denture and its perfect for me , I m so happy because I been different dentist and I spend lot of money , Dr kasem make perfect denture and I fill comfortable. His skill and consulancy make me so happy .

Abdun N.
Dr kasem is one the best implant sergeon in north America i can tell .He had 35 years experience .I m very happy now, because he gave me good treatment. His extraordinary skilled any critical teath can fixable. His office is clean and all staff are friendly.

Mahfuja S.
When my husband satisfied and highly recommend about Dr kasem,he started my impland dental work. Dr kaaem is a best dentist, he were amazing and went above and beyond to give me what i needed.I m very impressed with Dr Kasem,s skill. His office looks like a hospital and staff who work with him 25/30 years. They gave me allways appointments when i m available. i m warmly recommend Dr kasem,any one can consult with him he will change your life.

Jewel S.
Dr. Kasem is a God Gifted dentist.Dr. Kasem is the greatest and truly skilled. I drove 50 mile from my house to his office but its worth. He did my two implant sergury and its change my life. His office and staff and equipment all remarkble. He is the best implant sergoen, and well knowledgeable.

Patti V.
Dr. Kasem saw me on Thanksgiving weekend when I chipped my tooth. He was kind enough to see me when his office was closed. I can't say great things about him, excellent dentist!

Michael J.
Dr. Kasem is highly experienced and very cost effective. His office provides excellent costumer service. Dr. Kasem implant prices are nowhere near the prices quoted from the other places I've been to. He did my all on 4 implants last week and I feel great. He took $3000 less and made it affordable for me. Thank you, Dr. Kasem and staff!

Janice D.
I drive 60 miles to visit Dr. Kasem from Lake Panasoffkee. Its well worth it. Dr. Kasem did my sinus surgery, made dentures for me , and placed implants in my mouth. Everything is beautiful and works so great. I recommend Dr. Kasem to everyone! He spent so much time making sure everything was just right . Its perfect now. It will be the best decision you make.

Doreen C.
Dr. Kasem is truly a skilled, gifted prosthodontist with an incredible eye for meticulous details. I have been "Wearing" dentures for 25 years. In the last quarter century I have had a total of five sets of dentures made, all at Widely varying price points by multiple providers in the northeast usa. Up until meeting Dr kasem, not a single set of dentures was functional and each previous prosthodontist blamed me for not giving their dentures a chance to work adequately for chewing food. All of my prior sets of dentures were so poorly fitting that I actually had to take them out to chew food and then put them back in for cosmetics after eating. I spent tens of thousands of dollars over 25 years, hoping that with each new provider my situation would improve.
Ultimately, my situation did improve dramatically upon seeking an opinion regarding the possibility of dental implants and dentures at the office of Dr. Kasem. He took a quick look at my last set of poorly fitting dentures, said he did not feel that adequate time and attention had been spent on the fabrication of the dentures, and promised me he could do better. He asked me a series of questions regarding my original teeth's shape, size, color and spacing, then took me into his dental lab, sat me down and proceeded to fabricate a new set of dentures on the spot, tooth by tooth, checking alignment and having me look at each addition and change to confirm we were in agreement before moving onto next tooth. He replicated a slight overbite I had with my natural teeth, which had been one of the primary reasons that none of the prior sets of dentures made by others had felt comfortable in my mouth. Within a span of two hours, Dr Kasem changed my life. For people who are blessed to have strong healthy natural teeth, it is probably difficult to understand what a huge impact a properly fitted set of dentures can have. Fellow denture wearers can appreciate the nuances of not fully laughing or not going out to eat with friends due to inability to eat easily while conversing.
Dr kasem provided me superior care and treatment at a fraction of the cost of any other dental provider in the eastern usa and I will always be grateful for the time and attention to detail he showed with every nuance of my care and treatment.

Alma P.
I've had many dentists in my years but hes been the very best and most honest about everything. I have now had my dentures for two years and they still fit and my smile is beautiful. My husband is now a patient of Dr. Kasem. The staff is wonderful. They are courteous and polite. I recommend him to anyone!

Jeannie C.
I am very impressed with Dr. Kasem's knowlege and skills, Dr Kasem and his staff are the best.. I am very thankful to Dr Kasem and his staff for my new "Smile". I highly recommed Dr. Kasem.

Horace W.
I have seen Dr. Kasem's Tv ads over the years. I finally attended his seminar one evening. I was impressed by his information and decided immediately to make an appointment for an exam. I did this because I had seen a previous dental surgeon who did extractions for me in which were not done properly. The previous doctor did not use sutures or extract the bad teeth from my mouth. That is the reason why i searched, found, and decided to become a patient of Dr.Kasem
I could tell that he knew what he was talking about, he was very confident, professional, and knowledgeable. Because of his positive reviews I had no difficulty deciding to permit hit to complete my upper and lower dentures. I had to travel and Dr. Kasem and Dr. Kasem made a temporary denture for me until my return... Once i returned he made my permanent set of dentures. Both dentures fit perfectly, and my smile is excellent. I look normal once again! Dr kasem is excellent, his craftsmanship is first class!

Stephanie W.
I live in Orlando and drive all the way to Clermont to see Dr. Kasem. I have been his patients for 15 years and he is well worth the drive. My son is a patient of his as well. Dr.Kasem as done beautiful work for us both. I get more complements on my smile then I ever have before Dr.Kasem.I see negative reviews on him but I have complete faith in him as a dentist. I have referred many people to Dr.Kasem and they are very happy with his work and professionalism. He made my dentures in his own lab while I sat there and watched he is doing my implants. I have spoke to people about the cost of Thier dentures and implants and they say they paid twice as much as I have. his office is highly equipped. His quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled. You cannot go wrong choosing him as your will be in good hands.

Jeff G.
I can't speak nor understand the reviews given of DR Kasem that are anything less then 5 Stars, but their opinion is not what I've seen, nor have I ever felt when working with DR Kasem. I gave him 5 Stars out of 5 for the work he's done on my upper dentures. You can find below my review of Dr Kasem that I gave in February 2017. I'm now having more work done by Dr Kasem, and I'm happy to say I'm just as happy if not more then I was with DR Kasem and his staff back in February.
I'd highly recommend DR Kasem for his quality of work. I'm a retired engineer, and like DR Kasem I'm a perfectionist. That's what makes him a great Dentist, and a man who only settles for doing top quality of work.
My Previous Review
DR Mohammad Kasem has been an absolute pleasure to have as my dentist. After working with him on my upper dentures, there's no one I'd have do any of my dental work then DR Kasem. When the time comes for my lower dentures, DR Kasem is the only one I'd trust.
He understood that my wife and I are disabled, and live on a fixed income, and that we don't have dental insurance. With that in mind he worked with us to put together what needed to be done right away, and what we could put off until we could afford the other work that needs to be done. We have to drive an hour each way to go to his office, but it's worth the time and miles to have him as our dentist.
He went through the complete process with my wife and I, so there were no surprises, which was great and reassuring to us. I knew what to expect on the timing from taking out my teeth, building up my gums so that I had a good foundation for my dentures, to what he would do to insure the best possible fitting of my upper denture. He explained to us the predicted timing of the whole process. From having my initial dentures, to when I should roughly expect my final fitting, and why it was done that way. He assured me that if after what should be my final fitting I felt like something wasn't right, I could call and get an appointment, and he would work with me until I was happy with the fit and function of my dentures? Again all this made us more at ease with both the doctor and the process.
My dentures fit so well that I don't need any Fixodent or any other denture adhesive to keep my upper dentures in place. My friends and family were amazed at how well my dentures looked, and that included my neighbor who works for another dentist. I would highly recommend DR Kasem to anyone looking for a dentist, especially if your looking at getting dentures or implants. I can't thank the DR Kasem enough for the great work he's done to give me back my smile. After going through this, I think of DR Kasem as more then just my dentist, I along with my wife think of him as a kind and caring friend.

Connie G.
I love love Dr Kasem! He gave me my life back. If you go anywhere else to have any work done you are crazy. Go to Dr Kasem and be back in love with yourself

Todd V.
Dr. Kasem and his assistants are the best in the business in my book. Awesome services and great work! I've had 4 crowns put in, absolutely no issues whatsoever. He is very dedicated to his work as well as his clients, I eat anything and everything with my new chompers. If you want the best work, these people definitely know what they are doing.

Sue J.
I am eternally grateful for all your wonderful care & patience! Thank you so much!

Elizabeth M.
hello my name is mayra. I am blessed beyond words to have found Dr. Kasem and his assistants. They are all very nice. They treated me with respect. I went there after having discomfort from work done at a dentist Dr. Juan Marcos from Tampa. I even tried to reach him and apparently he is no where to be found. Please watch out for fake dentists. I didn't think this could happen to me. He ruined my mouth even left cotton in the work done which is a big no no. Dr. Kasem was a god sent. He took really great care of me and has top of the line equipment. He helped me get better it was a long process but he comforted me. His bedside manner was really great. He genuinely took care of me and got my smile beautiful again. Thanks dr kasem I really am thankful for your work.

I couldn't be more satisfied with the product and the care I received. The staff was just awesome and Dr. Kasem took the time to make me informed and comfortable with the process. Not only did I find a great dentist but I also made a great friend.

Ma R.

Scott T.
I was in a real jam 2 days before vacation and unable to eat anything but soup. Dr. Kasem was able to work wonders in those 2 days!!! He made my vacation time much more enjoyable.

Lauretta G.
Dr. Kasem was able to make my new denture in 2 days, normally it would take at least a week to do. Dr. Kasem and his staff were amazing and went above and beyond to give me what I needed in such a short time.

Anna J.

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